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    2020 | New!


    A german speaking virtual room for local businesses and regional communication:


    A place to learn how to communicate to your audience locally.

  • 2019 | August | First Print Edition Ottakringer Flaneur

    Ottakring is one of the youngest and most vibrant parts of Vienna that now has its own free magazine that will be published every quarter of the year. 65.000 copies are delivered to all households of the 16th district and available in bars, shops and places to be.

    Art Direction by Tom Koch | Pictures ©Stephan Doleschal

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  • 2019 | May | Launch of Flaneur Media e.U.

    To be able to meet the needs of all advertisers for the local magazine "Ottakringer Flaneur" I have decided to start a company that is specialized in Content Creation, Distribution and Traffic Management.

  • 2019 | January | Ottakringer Flaneur - Local News Platform

    I believe that all communication must be as close to the recipient as possible. That is why I have started a project called "Ottakringer Flaneur" where my team and I are providing articles, videos and event information for the 16th district in Vienna.

  • 2018 | November | Creation Of A Local Online Magazine

    The Ottakringer Flaneur is the place to go, if you live or stay in Vienna's 16th district.

  • Before 2018 | Alexandra Folwarski resumé

    purpose driven. ambitious. challenging the status quo. solution seeker. doer. curious. early adopter. multicultural. multilingual. people oriented.


    Born 14.08.1982 in Hamburg, Germany.


    Living in Vienna, Austria, since 2008.


    BA in Transcultural Communications at Univerisity of Vienna.


    Print publishing:

    200 + special interest issues in b2b & b2c


    Digital publishing:

    15 years of experience


    Web Design



    Social Media Management




    German, English, Polish, Italian.


    Passion & Purpose


    I believe that collaboration between people is always the most successful strategy for making things happen.


    This is even more important in a dynamic and disruptive environment like the advertising and media industry.


    Finding and implementing innovative solutions that help clients is a challenge that always keeps me walking the extra mile.


    Whether it is for the user, the client, the own team or other partners and stakeholders; when people in and outside of the business world get to know each other and collaborate, I am happy.

    Country Manager Austria, Mediaplanet

    Oct. 2016 - Sept. 2018 in Vienna, Austria


    Management of all operations within the local market.


    Responsibility for profit, revenue, cash, staff and delivery of a product that meets the company’s standards.


    Employment and development of middle management


    Internal and external stakeholder communication


    Continuous business development


    Building the local Mediaplanet brand

    Content and Production Manager, Mediaplanet

    May 2014 - Sept. 2016 in Vienna, Austria


    Operational responsibility of the local production team.


    Supervision of the local production team as well as working closely with the sales team


    KPI and production cost estimation and control


    Traffic Management and analysis, monitoring and ongoing improvement of traffic quality


    Training for the production and sales organization

    Project Manager, Mediaplanet

    Oct. 2013 - April 2014 in Vienna, Austria


    Creation of Content Marketing campaigns released on a variety of platforms the range from print to digital products. Responsible for financing the campaign by selling Mediaplanet’s concept and adverts, identifying and contacting key people within the industry, conducting research and identifying key markets for client prospects and editorial sources.


    2007 - 2013 in DACH



    Throughout the years I spent at University, I have been gathering experience in the field of my biggest interest, remaining financially independent thanks to companies like AOL, Hamburger Morgenpost, Bild, YaaCool, and others.


    SEO strategies

    Content Production & Creation


    Corporate Communication

    Academic Education

    Bachelor of Arts in Transcultural Communications


    2008 - 2011 in Vienna, Austria


    Fluency in language and communication based on the different cultural discourses for the German, English, Polish and Italian markets.

    E-Commerce Content Production & Sales, Venere.com

    2004 - 2006 in Rome, Italy